Umfeld DVD



Umfeld is an HD surround sound audiovisual production created by electronic music composer Jochem Paap (Speedy J) and visual artist Scott Pagano. The piece is an intense sensory expedition that takes the audience through eight chapters comprising a drama drawing on the dynamic arc of a feature film, but consisting of highly abstract sounds and images. Soundscapes modulate rhythmically from intense and subtle to assertive and thundering, always using pushing the potential of the surround audio environment. In synchronicity with the sound, images move through contrasting worlds ranging from cold monochromatic organic synthetic animation to boldly colorful angular photo collages formed from imagery captured in the old industrial harbor of Paap’s hometown of Rotterdam. Sound and image emerge as if from the same engine, examining detailed worlds of audiovisual relationships and forging a progressive journey through a dynamic environment of moving image and spatialized sound.

DVD containing the additional piece “Region Free 77” and a documentary about the process of creating these works available only here on the electric deluxe shop

Umfeld DVD
€ 15.00