Podcast #100



Back in July our podcast turned 100. To mark the occasion we thought we’d do something a little different… Since Speedy J first launched affairs back in May 2009, Electric Deluxe’s bi-monthly podcast has ballooned into a timeless bank of music, transcending the bounds of simple aural entertainment to become a first-class station of discovery. Pitching our podcast as the hypothetical afterparty, over the years we’ve encouraged our guests to probe deep into their record collections and personal tastes to dig out the most profound, revealing, and occasionally surprising tracklist conceivable. As such the EDLX podcast has become more than a disposable listening post, but an intimate musical bearing of the soul. Over the years we’ve built up a fiercely loyal fan base, now it’s time to give something back. Something tactile, collectable, in exchange for your digital degustation and true to the mix-tape aesthetic the podcast has been founded upon. And so we present #100: a limited run of handstamped bootleg vinyl featuring unedited selections from the last 99 episodes.

Across four records eight continuous parts have been carefully curated into a sequenced, yet nameless listening experience. This isn’t about glorifying the artist, but the medium itself. With #100 we salute the bank of creativity the podcast stands in testament to today. Tune in, enjoy, relive again old listeners—or discover afresh—a piece of EDLX past to cherish as we keep forging squarely ahead, to the future, to the next 100 episodes and beyond.

Thanks for listening…



Podcast #100
€ 40.00