HTID - Clouds - EDLX.053 LMTD

Clouds: HTID: Heaven-sent Tekno Impakting Dancefloors, or Hardcore Till I Die

Pre-order available now in any digital format, or as double vinyl pack.

This special edition includes a 2 x vinyl 12” records plus a 30cm x 30cm sticker sheet with 9 unique clouds stickers designed by David Rudnick.

‘HTID: Heaven-sent Tekno Impakting Dancefloors, or Hardcore Till I Die’ is Calum Macleod and Liam Robertson’s third Electric Deluxe record of 2016. As was the case with ‘Timeslip Roadmender’ and follow-up ‘An Outrageous Fate Type’, ‘HTID’ is a chomping, foaming, kinda nutty set of industrial techno-jungle halfbreeds. They were happy party things once, a long long time ago, but after decades festering in a petri dish they turned mutant and multitudinous—which is why there are twice as many of them this time.

If a 4/4 pummelling is your thing, “Dinner At Skinja’s” has you covered. “Quest Posse Wanted” meanwhile is bullet-riddled breakbeat, and “Fallout”? That’s the sound of rave resurrected, rewound and rolled back out again. “Rush In 2 Orbit (Skinnergate)” shows off the pair’s abstract side, which a track like “Panosonics” lashes things down into something more club friendly. Stick “Knuckles’ Heavy Vanguard” on to get the masses motivated, then drop “Base Damage” to show ‘em you mean business. Once everyone’s knees are good and swollen, float “Floatation Advice” as a peace offering, which actually is anything but.



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