EDLX hoodie



Artist: Thijs van Buuren / embroidered EDLX hoodies

We’re not interested in doing things “the usual way” – especially when it comes to our merch. We’ve already brought you a series of “audio transmitted” tees and tote bags from our radical friends at Hands design studio, now we’d like to introduce Thijs van Buuren, the artist behind our latest range of bespoke hoodies.

Now, when you think of embroidery, old ladies, doilies and floral patterns probably spring to mind. This could be further from the case at Tegendraads, Thijs van Buuren’s ultra modern, ultra chic embroidery company. Starting off as an enthusiastic fourteen-year-old with his mum’s sewing machine, two design schools later Thijs now presides over a vibrant one stop studio and shop in Rotterdam. Whether experimenting with typography or designing for bigger clients like Eastpak, the Arnhem native pours the same care and consideration into every stitch. We first commissioned Thijs for the Works Deluxe Package, a collector’s item of EDLX goodies and vinyl from Brendon Moeller. He devised the felt outer casing – and embroidered the font, naturally.

We’re glad to welcome his thimble fingers back to EDLX for an exclusive range of luxury pullover and zip-up hoodies. As they say, that art is in the detail. Wrap up warm this autumn with yours!

EDLX hoodie
€ 40.00