Red Shift - Speedy J - EDLX.001

‘Red Shift’ is Speedy J’s first new techno / dancefloor release since 2006. His own label Electric Deluxe will issue digital releases only, while Vinyl may be released through Plus 8.

It will be a platform for artists, operating within any conceivable genre in the broad spectrum of techno, who wish to fully explore and embrace the ever-expanding technological possibilities, manifesting in the label and the Electric Deluxe Events series, currently resident at Melkweg, Amsterdam.

Behind the digital decks Speedy J has brought back the innovative spirit which was once at home in this genre, adopting and expanding upon digital DJing. In this way he has opened up an infinite resource, improvising with the widest array of sounds, introducing the concept of creating DJ sets and productions with “parts”.

In this spirit he is also about to release a library of sound, appropriately called Kreate. It is a huge collection of parts and may be seen as an album deliberately left unfinished.

Speedy J is well known for his bridge-building open-mindedness, showcased, for instance, on releases in collaboration with Chris Liebing, Literon, George Issakidis and Adam Beyer. Through the format of Collabs Speedy J plans on returning to some of these artists as well as meeting with new names for future collaborations.

When teaming up with video artist Scott Pagano in 2007, the result was the free-for-download DVD Umfeld, a precedent set for the interdisciplinary exploration of Dolby 5.1 and the spatiality of surround-sound.

Electric Deluxe again finds Speedy J in the forefront of musical developments, where he is most at home, inviting anyone to tag along for the ride.

€ 9.00