Kundalini - AnD - EDLX.034

If you like your techno bruised and bleeding, you’d have taken note of Manchester’s AnD. Over the last few years they’ve been making their presence known with a series of unbridled releases for labels like Horizontal Ground, Black Sun Records, Repitch Recordings and their own self-titled stable. “Harder” has indeed been the duo’s mantra, bellowed stony-faced from the rasping recedes of industrial’s brittle outer rim. But it hasn’t always been this way. Before the broken bones and caustic, pitch-black tear-outs there’s been deep and dubby reprieves, techy dubstep and even washed-out drum and bass on the likes of Idle Hands, Project Squared and Hidden Hawaii all with equaled astuteness.

It’s clear there’s little out of AnD’s reach, and they’re certainly not bowing down to anyone. ‘Kundalini’ then, AnD’s debut EP for Electric Deluxe, is not something to be taken lightly. The EP opens with a trio of patented AnD-style monsters, cataclysmic techno siblings all venomous and rusted through. It’s a dark and unforgiving trail with these guys as drill sergeant, until “ICDBYC” that is. Not quite the calm before the storm, here we have AnD pull back from the bloody onslaught to turn a cleaner, more calculated sort ofweapon. Cool and tactical shadow skulking, trimmed with IDM. This one is just as deadly!

A – The Jellyfish
B1 – Dtadtmat
B2 – IcDbYc

1 – The Jellyfish
2 – Dysekt
3 – Dtadtmat
4 – IcDbYc
5 – DTR

€ 9.00