Audio Transmitted – electric deluxe  printed limited ed. designs. First 15 orders get a special audio transmitted tote bag with hand printed design other orders get the standard tote 100% Combed Cotton Jersey 165g / 4.95oz. White Classis Jersey T-shirt

Electric Deluxe venture deeper into the art of sound.
Because Electric Deluxe is all about doing things a little differently, for our latest range of T-shirts and tote bags we’ve commissioned Dutch design studio, Hands, to create a series of designs crafted through sound. “The moment we were commissioned to design merchandise for Electric Deluxe, we decided that whatever we would design, it should be based on experiment.” “We thought it would be great to actually send the designs of the T-shirts and the bag via sound. And In cooperation with Interactive Designer Martijn Mellema, we have built an installation that does exactly that.” By hooking up two computers through a speaker and microphone, images have been transmitted from one to the other via morse code, pixel by pixel. The end result is a sound re-mapping of the original Electric Deluxe and Speedy J logos, and a head shot of the man himself, complete with unique and unpredictable glitches. The designs were then returned to an “analogue” state through the process of screen-printing. Love the music? Now you can wear it, literally.

€ 15.00