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By Ajahn Banyat Dhammasaro

This used to be released in Thailand, with illustrations by way of Thai Buddhist clergymen doing quite a few yoga postures. each one web page is written in English and Thai.

Yoga Why? Why Yoga? got here into being as a reaction to hundreds and hundreds of requests from Ajahn Banyat's scholars who, years after having had yoga meditation classes with him, proceed to perform singly and in teams. the subsequent textual content is, i feel, the main eloquent testomony to the effectiveness of Ajahn Banyat's educating and the perform of yoga meditation and offers the simplest resolution to Yoga Why? Why Yoga?

From Contents:

Chapter One History
Chapter Yoga Meditation
Chapter 3 Autobiography
Chapter 4 common Meditation: Sitting Meditation
Chapter 5 Asana
Chapter Six normal Meditation: jogging Meditation
Chapter Seven Pranayama: Yoga Meditation Breathing...

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