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By James Kiley, Bryan Armor, Ellen Kiley

The Curse of the Wanderers
Once, before everything of background, they fought a very good conflict - and so they misplaced. They have been solid out from their fatherland of Egypt some time past, cursed to by no means locate relaxation. seeing that that point, they've got wandered lonely roads by means of moonlight, searching their prey looking for revenge. And now that the top instances are the following, the Silent Striders will be on their method home.

Children of the barren region Moon
The most up-to-date within the Revised Tribebooks, Tribebook: Silent Striders makes a speciality of the loners of the Garou country, the unusual and sophisticated harbingers of doom. within, avid gamers and Storytellers can study the secrets and techniques that the tribe has hidden away, and participate in the struggle to regain their long-lost native land.

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