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By Chuck Wendig, Matthew McFarland, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, James Kiley

"Child, we don't hate you for being born who you're. every one folks was once born of wolf and guy, and marked by means of the moon harlot along with her silver while the switch got here on us. we won't hate you since you have been born of the blood that murdered our Father, for plenty of between us have been born of that blood as well.

"But you've got heard our fact, and also you reject it. you could have felt the wrath of the spirits, and also you don't abase yourselves sooner than them. You put on the silver manufacturers of the slave with honor, instead of purging them from you with flame.

"We don't hate the ignorant baby. yet you're grown, and also you be aware of, and also you nonetheless don't kneel. And for that - you are going to burn."
—Hunter's Voice, Fire-Touched

This e-book includes:

• a thorough remedy of the society of the natural, from their legends and background to modern day practices of indoctrination and penance

• an entire therapy of every of the 3 natural Tribes: Fire-Touched, Ivory Claws and Predator Kings

• A plethora of reward lists, rites, fetishes, totems and different instruments to craft the suitable natural werewolf or pack

• A pattern environment the place the natural are up to speed, able to be used because the foundation for a chronicle or dropped into an present online game

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The Iron Masters exemplify this survival intuition, and what’s extra, their strategies paintings. they've got talents and fetishes that the opposite tribes can't fit, and so they have a determined virtue over the opposite tribes within the city Hisil. nonetheless, the Fire-Touched needs to ask: At what rate this data? At what peril to their souls those talents? Embracing what the people have performed to the realm is a perilous proposition, accurately simply because rather a lot of what people say, do and think is natural fiction. The Iron Masters aren’t married to humanity consistent with se, just to adaptability, and within the present nation of the area that suggests cleaving to human success. yet what percentage human lies needs to the Iron Masters then soak up? a few werewolves of the tribe, the Fire-Touched think, even stick with human religions, which sickens them existence one of the Rabid Chapter fireplace Touched II: the 3 Tribes to no finish. mendacity is undesirable sufficient, yet staking one’s soul on an noticeable lie is unfathomable to the Izidakh, and sometimes unforgivable. • hurricane Lords: The robust and proud Iminir don’t galvanize the Fire-Touched a lot. definite, hurricane Lords concentrate on honing their own energy, on burning away weak spot and on no longer burdening their fellow werewolves, however the natural have heard the legends. They be aware of that once Father Wolf fell, Skolis-Ur howled in worry and grief, regretted what he had performed, yet didn't take the honorable alternative of becoming a member of the natural. as an alternative, his disgrace and guilt was once so nice that the stood with the betrayers, frightened that Gurim-Ur and his brothers may carry him low. The typhoon Lords, fans of wintry weather Wolf, hold this seed of weak spot of their souls, and picture that by way of showing robust and resolute they could make others forget about it. this would paintings at the Forsaken, however the natural comprehend higher. after all, redemption is feasible. The weak spot of Skolis-Ur could be burned from even the main cowardly hurricane Lord, and the Fire-Touched have performed such a lot of occasions through the years. hurricane Lords, the Fire-Touched say, scream in ache similar to somebody else whilst the manufacturers sear their flesh, yet afterwards, eventually freed from this historic sin, hurricane Lords make very good Izidakh. • Ghost Wolves: Why might a werewolf shun the tribes? To the Fire-Touched, it makes ideal feel. A werewolf who alterations less than Luna’s fickle gaze is locked right into a fake accountability via no fault of his personal, and the Fire-Touched don’t blame Uratha who pledge themselves to a Tribe of the Moon once they aren’t provided with an alternative choice. yet a werewolf who instinctively sees the evil and blindness of the Forsaken — that werewolf is commendable. Fire-Touched method Thihirtha Numea carefully, till they discover why the Ghost Wolf in query claims no tribe. A werewolf who has been expelled from a tribe or discovered the Forsaken tribes silly or someway improper gets a much-different welcome than person who is just identifying which tribe to affix. at the least, although, the Fire-Touched are competitive of their pursuit of Ghost Wolves, just because there's much less to undo within the strategy of making them natural.

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