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By Alan Alexander, Peter Schaefer, Genevieve Cogman, Conrad Hubbard

Proficient with strength by means of the Celestial Incarna Luna, the Lunar Exalted have been as soon as the associates of the sun Exalted and relied on Stewards of the previous Realm. Then, after the Lawgivers went mad with strength and their Dragon-Blooded troops rose as much as slay them, the Lunars retreated to the sides of construction, biding their time and massing their forces to 1 day convey down the hated Realm. With the Solars returning en masse, have the Lunars waited too lengthy to convey down the previous order and change it, or does the go back in their historic pals sign that the time is ultimately to hand for vengeance?

A personality sourcebook for Exalted featuring:

• information of the Creation-spanning Silver Pact, its objectives and its factions

• every thing avid gamers and Storytellers have to generate Lunar Exalted characters, together with their Charms and shapeshifting Knacks

• ideas for the chimerae, mad Lunars whose minds and our bodies were twisted through the Wyld

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Did the trip occur prior to or after Exaltation? Why did the Exalt come to the world she now inhabits? was once she drawn by means of a fragmentary reminiscence from her Exaltation’s past existence? Did her mentor ask her to accomplish a few undertaking within the quarter? Does the nature ever remorse her selection to go away her place of origin? developing the explanations for touring 1,000 miles from domestic lend extra intensity and believability to a personality than simply randomly stating, “My personality traveled from the isles of the West to the town of Nexus. ” provided that one of these personality is probably going to attract additional atten- tion particularly simply because she seems misplaced, the explanations can be well worth the additional issues. CASTE simply as all the Celestial Exalted, the Lunars are divided into diversified castes. The Lunars have been designed as powerful guns within the warfare opposed to the Primordials. as the Incarnae knew that the imperishable nature of the Exalted required that they serve a few long term purpose—long after the Primordials’ defeat—each caste fulfills a task predicted by means of the Silver girl. The strong complete Moon Caste reigned ideal between Lunar warriors, whereas the No Moon Caste guarded the key knowledge in their Fickle Mistress. Misfortune ended in near-destruction of the Lunar castes by means of the chaos of the Wyld. merely via implanting magical tattoos may possibly the Lunars salvage a few remnant of the traditional caste procedure. however, 3 of the traditional castes have been shattered past repair—Waxing Moons, part Moons and Waning Moons—and even the main robust Lunar sorcerers couldn't recuperate them. in its place, they pieced jointly fragments of the 3 and created the amalgamated altering Moon Caste. every one Lunar starts with none caste in any respect. these often called the Casteless spend their Exalted lives transferring from one castelike nation to the subsequent as without doubt because the everlasting levels of the moon. Given their shut connections to the Wyld, it is a harmful nation of being for the time of Tumult. so much Moon selected finally meet elder Lunars who persuade them to simply accept the Wyld-suppressing tattoos and attach their caste. as soon as branded, the Lunar earnings defense from the Wyld and turns into a member of the whole Moon, altering Moon or No Moon Caste. extra info at the person castes, and the Casteless, are present in bankruptcy 4: qualities. decide upon the caste that you're feeling most closely fits your personality thought, or have him stay Casteless if that feels like a more desirable selection on your thought. while you're unsure which caste most sensible suits your inspiration, chances are you'll communicate for your Storyteller approximately beginning the sequence Casteless with an eye fixed towards gaining a caste as soon as your character’s activities lead you to a solution. bankruptcy 3 • personality production ninety seven SPIRIT form Upon Exaltation, the selected of the Moon earnings a moment form, which she will imagine as effortlessly as her ordinary human shape (see p. 127 in bankruptcy 5: Charms and Shapeshifting for details). often called the spirit form, this type is that of a particular animal representing the Lunar’s internal nature and character.

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