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By Craig Paget, Karen McCullough, Joseph A. McCullough V

Forming the northern border of the Rhovanion and Mirkwood, the gray Mountains span 400 miles: from Angmar's Witch-realm to the Iron Hills. Shot via with Dwarven mines, Orc warrens and Dragon caves, the Ered Mithrin are a chilly and foreboding levels. They promise treasure and event, yet extra frequently convey an premature dying to explorers. Take your Middle-earth crusade to the sting of the coolness Forodwaith and ship your gamers around the lethal Withered Heath; simply watch out for Dragons!

The gray Mountains includes:

- 17" x 22" Full-Color Map depicting the gray Mountains diversity and northerly Rhovanion.
- nine tough Adventures, together with a 4-adventure mini-campaign. those travails take explorers from one finish of the gray Mountains to the other.
- precise Layouts of the Dwarven urban, Norr Dum, the Ice-orc castle, Kala Dulakurth, and diverse different haunts scattered all through this implementing mountain range.
- In-depth details at the Dragons and Dwarves of the gray Mountains and the Withered Heath.
- Stats and heritage details on quite a few personalities and beasts who wander the frigid north of Middle-earth.

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