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By Owen Barnes, Tim Huckelbery, Tim Cox, Jason Marker

In Frozen Reaches, the Explorers locate themselves dealing with an approaching Ork invasion and dealing to avoid wasting the planet of Damaris. yet first, they are going to have to manage squabbling factions and determine a united entrance. this can be no effortless activity, as robust forces are operating opposed to them from the shadows...

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Captain Locke and the Council may fill you in larger. • Do you have got a planetary defence strength, and who instructions it? normal Remi Dante is the army commander of our planetary defence force-the Damaris Highland Levy. he's deeply all in favour of the best way Governor Kapak is dealing with the defence and believes the Governor has now not taken cost during this time of concern. His second–in–command, Commander Reynolds, leads the Bulwark Station, and is his closest best friend and good friend. Dante has made no mystery of his displeasure with the Governor, yet i feel he’s extra curious about the world’s defence than the rest without delay. • What kind of forces make up your army? I’m no professional, yet i know we've a mix of infantry, artillery, tanks, or even a number of air auxiliaries to maintain the skies secure. Our Defence Flotilla additionally falls below the aegis of the Levy. they've got a handful of inter–system defence ships that can’t go back and forth past the method. • the place is the shrine to St. Drusus? The Shrine used to be outfitted at the outskirts of the unique cost. Bishop Arint leads the opposite clerics who are likely to the Shrine. As you could understand, the Shrine homes the reliquary of Saint Drusus. i've got it on reliable authority that the stasis casket the clergy are inclined to includes the severed hand of the Holy Saint. annually, the priesthood parades the sealed casket earlier than these in attendance, guarded via armoured custodians and battle–servitors. people who find themselves lucky adequate to be selected have the infrequent privilege of basking within the holy radiance that’s published whilst one of many shutters is cracked open. It’s stated that the sunshine heals and blesses people who are uncovered to its radiance, yet nobody can see contained in the casket itself. think what could ensue have been one to really carry the sacred hand of St. Drusus? [At this he makes the signal of the Aquila] • Who else replied your demand reduction? we've been lucky sufficient to have had 17 II: The Frozen Reaches as soon as the Explorers arrive, learn or paraphrase the subsequent: II: The Frozen Reaches • • • • • a number of Rogue investors come to our information. woman Elizabeth Orleans arrived numerous days in the past aboard Starweaver, and a rogue who calls himself Jeremiah Blitz lately arrived together with his vessel, the Ordained future. i've got additionally met with Captain Sylvia Locke of the Imperial Naval cruiser Aegis. What have you learnt approximately girl Orleans? i do know that she’s a Rogue dealer of a few popularity, and she or he instructions the send Starweaver. Her team and send are frequently visible the following, as she has ties to this global via alternate. It’s acknowledged that she has no love for the Ecclesiarchy. in reality, I heard she even threatened Bishop Arint. What are you aware approximately Jeremiah Blitz? That fellow claims to be a Rogue dealer, yet among you and me he’s extra of a rogue and not more of a dealer. His send, Ordained future, is a cruiser, I’m instructed. That’s why the Governor tolerates his presence, i assume. What are you aware approximately Captain Locke? Captain Sylvia Locke instructions the Aegis, and is a useful best friend to this global.

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