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By Mantak Chia

Taoist options for replenishing our inner strength with common cosmic strength

• exhibits how one can remodel extra sexual strength (Ching Chi) into self-healing power

• offers complex Cosmic therapeutic Chi Kung practices, which assemble the unlimited assets of Cosmic Chi for therapeutic

• Explains how beginning of the 3 tan tiens to the six instructions permits own attention to attach on to better assets of strength

Taoists think of our sexual strength to be the inventive strength that we will be able to use to regenerate the body’s inner power, yet we needs to how to harness extra sexual power and rework it into chi, or life-force strength. after we stream the sexual power within the Microcosmic Orbit--a non-stop power loop that runs up the backbone and down front of the body--we remodel it into self-healing strength that may be kept within the organs and the 3 tan tiens: power facilities within the mind, the guts heart, and the reduce stomach. The Alchemy of Sexual Energy builds upon Microcosmic Orbit practices mentioned in Healing gentle of the Tao.

The extra we open the move of our inner power the extra able we're of connecting to the cosmic power that exists outdoors ourselves within the universe. by way of studying to open the 3 tan tiens to the six instructions, the Taoist practitioner combines brain strength with extension of chi to attract cosmic strength into the physique. This strength, too, might be saved within the 3 tan tiens and used as wanted for therapeutic. once we learn how to movement during this means with the power of the Tao, lifestyles ceases to be a fight.

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The 1st of the practices that can assist you to arrange for the Cosmic Orbit Meditation is Warming the range together with Bellows respiring. WARMING THE range we commence with focusing the eye within the zone among the navel, the Door of lifestyles, and the sexual middle, the purpose the place the “original chi” flows into the physique. this can be known as “Warming the range. ” Warming the range should still start with Bellows respiring to reinforce the new release of chi within the navel area. Bellows respiring sit down on a chair with the again instantly and the toes touching the ground approximately hip width aside. position the palms over the navel. commence with the interior Smile perform of smiling right down to your stomach to hot it up, then smiling in your middle and feeling love within the middle heart, and directly to the lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Smile to the world approximately 1½ inches in the back of the navel and gather the power there. at present, you'll already think a powerful sensation of warmth or heat within the navel area. If now not, simply stay conscious of the sensations on the navel along with your smiling understanding. in case you inhale, extend the decrease stomach on the navel zone (below and round it) in order that it bulges outward. suppose the diaphragm descend. Then, maintaining your chest secure, exhale with a few strength to drag the reduce stomach again in, as though you have been pulling the navel again towards the backbone. consider the sexual organs pull up additionally. This massages the organs, particularly the kidneys and the aorta and vena cava pathways to and from the guts, emptying them of trapped strength and pollutants. Repeat 36 occasions. Warming the range relaxation, and continue the fingers overlaying the navel. calmly shut your eyes and use the mind/eye strength to aid assemble and condense the strength you've been producing. think the Door of existence, the kidneys, and the navel hot. Spiral together with your fingers and physique into the kidneys and Door of lifestyles. turn on and therapeutic massage the sexual organs. males, therapeutic massage the testicles to remodel sperm again into lifestyles strength. ladies, therapeutic massage the breasts to rework the blood (menstruation) into existence strength. Inhale into the sexual middle, and exhale, condensing the essence of the breath into the sexual heart. Pause for some time. believe the power extend and radiate outward. Breathe out and in this manner no less than 18 occasions. leisure a second. consider the navel hot. believe the kidneys and Door of existence hot. suppose the sexual middle hot. As you inhale, think the sexual organs, perineum, and anus pull up towards the unique strength within the tan tien. calmly push down as you exhale; suppose the strain development on the spot of the unique strength. photograph the unique strength with a mouth and nostril, respiring into that spot. Now enlarge and suppose the heartbeat within the zone of the unique strength. because it pulses, suppose the suction drawing the sexual strength up and mixing it with the unique strength. consider the power increasing inside you. Spend a minimum of 10 mins warming the range during this approach. regulate your respiring to be delicate, lengthy, sluggish, high quality, and deep. Breathe in even cycles. The breath may still progressively develop into so nice and lightweight it should now not circulation a down feather put in entrance of your nostrils.

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