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By Chuck Wendig, Jess Hartley, Wood Ingham, Joseph D. Carriker Jr.

Solid booklet says the world's stuck in an extended, darkish evening, awaiting a new sunrise to return and sweep all that darkness away.
Don't recognize if that'll ever ensue, yet i know this: there's parents set on making issues darker.
They're searching for how you can holiday the legislation the nice Lord set for all of nature's ways.
I've visible it take place, and the night's getting darker and longer.
Sometimes i believe I mightn't ever see the sunlight come up.
- John Ash, Tammuz

This e-book includes:

the area of Darkness with a slightly of technological know-how fiction - the best way to use next-gen technological know-how in a horror chronicle
information at the nuclear Prometheans, the clones, and growing new Lineages
a brand new tale within the "Water of Life" chronicle began in Promethean: The Created, set in Detroit.

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Birds flying overhead fall from the sky. At this level, infected natural fabric turns into inedible for even Prometheans. A Promethean who eats a lifeless animal or stuffs his mouth with leaves finds that he derives no nourishment from it, and some hours later throws all of it again up back. The Zeky, nonetheless, are completely content material with this type of repast. the grey airborne dirt and dust starts off to hide every little thing thickly. bugs and arachnids, fairly cockroaches, swarm far and wide. They’re gruesome and deformed, having lacking legs, additional heads and surprisingly formed, possibly unusable wings heritage radiation rises within the zone. It has depth zero and harm equivalent to the Promethean’s Azoth – three (minimum of 1). degree 4 —The clouds roll in, obscuring sunlight and moon to the level that there’s not any distinction among day and evening. It turns into chilly, and inside an afternoon, a heavy fall of snow and ash covers every thing. Cockroaches and termites construct large mounds of this fabric, and start to scavenge issues they wouldn’t as a rule dare to the touch, even perhaps attacking people and Prometheans. THE PILGRIMAGE AND REDEMPTION The history radiation now has depth •• and harm equivalent to the Promethean’s Azoth. assault of the Atomic Flesh-Eating Roaches! Roaches don’t in most cases assault humans, and they’re not likely swarming animals. The forms of termites and ants present in Europe and North the USA, whereas they do swarm, don’t regularly assault humans. but if whatever as weird and wonderful as a Zeka comes into the equation, all bets are off. Impelled to consume flesh through the impression of the wilderness, or via the “Lord of the Roaches” Transmutation (p. 90), they abruptly turn into vicious and extremely harmful. principles for swarms are available in Promethean: The Created, p. 239. Nuclear Disquiet The Zeky reason Disquiet kind of like the other Promethean, yet their very own specific manifestation offers itself as unreasoning worry. to start with, a human who meets a Zeka will get scared. The Zeka is intimidating. He’s unusual and assorted. He can be in a position to whatever. those that care for the Zeka appease her up to they could after which try and get out of her means once is feasible. They definitely won’t let their youngsters check with her. Afterwards, they’ll ask yourself what used to be so scary approximately this individual. After your time, they start to visualize that the Zeka quite is this type of one who has already performed whatever violent or perverse or is one way or the other contaminated with a sickness of a few type. One individual thinks might be that she’s a terrorist, or a few type of agent of an oppressive executive. Paranoia starts to strike humans. might be the Zeka isn’t by myself! probably she’s the first forefront of a few invasion. humans stricken by Disquiet start to accuse folks of being in league with the stranger. they start to suspect a conspiracy. There haven’t been Reds lower than the mattress for years, yet there are different fears nowadays, that are simply as irrational, simply as risky: probably it’s the terrorists, and they’re staging an invasion. maybe it’s the Europeans.

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