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By Tim Dugger, Heike A. Kubasch

Rolemaster myth Roleplaying is a truly versatile and accomplished RPG-system from Iron Crown organisations:
This torrent comprises Spell legislation; palms Law.
From the web site:

This is the RMFRP model of our vintage strive against approach, fingers Law.

Arms legislation strive against is the kind of strive against that may depart you shaking on your boots and bragging for your pals. not more ho-hum, dull strive against, now not with interesting severe and fumble effects liven issues up.

30 person weapon assault tables
13 exact assault tables
Hundreds of severe strike results
Dozens of fumble effects

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Men purely. Dolphin Eagle Elephant (male) (female) Elk (male) M M L* L* L eighty 30 450 450 2 hundred 1(40) 1(30) 12(10) 12(10) 8(10) VF/FA FA/FA FA/FA FA/FA FA/FA eight three 7 7 three 50MBa100 45MCl100 90HHo70 80HBa100 100HHo100 — 35SPi√ 80HBa30 75HTs « 90LBa « — — 75HTs « — 60LTs « clever. — might grapple if informed. may possibly grapple if educated. Loner other than in the course of mating season. Falcon Gorilla Hawk Horse (charging) (rearing) S L S L 25 a hundred and twenty 25 a hundred and fifty 1(60) three( zero) 1(60) 3(20) VF/BF MD/FA VF/VF FA/FA 2 four 2 three 30MCl100 45LGr80 40MCl100 50LBa100 50MCr70 20SPi √ 70MBi « 25SPi √ 35LTs « 45LTs √ — 50MBi20 — — 30MBi30 — — — Medium-sized warhorse, bonuses fluctuate for heavier or lighter horses. Housecat Hyenas (Jackals, and so on. ) Killer Whale Kraken (squid-like) S M L* L* 10 70 six hundred 2 hundred 1(40) 3(40) 8(20) eight( zero) FA/FA VF/FA VF/VF MF/VF 1 2 eight eight 10Ti60 45MBi100 120HBi80 100HGr100 0Ti20 — 150HGr « 70HPi √ Both20 — 100HGr20 — — huge packs, crafty. clever, voracious. Pi assault because of beak. Lion Lizard (general classification) (large) Lobster L T S S a hundred and fifty eight sixteen 10 4(20) 1(80) 1(50) 12(10) FA/MF BF/VF FA/MF VS/MD five 1 1 1 85LCl100 0Ti100 10SPi100 20SPi100 85LBi « 6 or more–10SPi three or more–40SPi — 120LCl √ — — — third assault so long as crits received. — If toxic, 1st assault is 50%. — Manta Ray Mongoose Moose Moray Eel M S L M 35 35 one hundred twenty seventy five 1(40) 3(70) 4(20) three( zero) VF/VF FA/BF FA/MF SL/MF three 2 three 2 30SBa100 50SBi100 30LHo100 100LBi100 — — 40LBa — — — 60LTs √ — — DB strangely huge because of AQ. men in basic terms. Ambush assaults on sea ground. Octopus (large) Owl Pike Piranha M M M T forty 35 forty five four 1(30) 1(30) 1(40) 1(70) FA/FA FA/FA VF/VF VF/VF 2 1 2 1 60MGr100 40MCl100 30SBi100 25Ti100 40SPi « 40SPi √ — 6 or more–25SBi — — — — — basically nocturnal. — +20 while water bloody. Rats Rhinoceros Sabertooth Tiger Scorpion S L L T five 240 250 2 1(30) 12( zero) 8(30) 1(40) MD/MF MD/MF VF/VF MD/VF 1 7 five 1 0SBi100 130HHo100 110LBi70 10SSt100 three or more–30SBi 110HBa « 70LCl20 6 or more–50SSt — 110HTs √ Both10 — — Blind cost, bad eyesight. — Very toxic, 1-50 hits. Shark Snake (non-constr. ) (large, non-constr. ) Spider (Ants, and so on. ) Squid (large) L S M T S 250 10 20 1 20 4(20) 1(50) 1(30) 1(10) 1(50) FA/FA FA/VF FA/VF CR/FA FA/FA five 1 1 1 1 100LBi100 25Ti100 10SBi100 –50Ti100 50SGr100 — — 6 or more–0SBi — three or more–25SBi — Swarm–0Ti — 0SPi √ — +30 whilst water bloody. — — risk free, very likely toxic. — Tiger Turtle (large) (large sea) Weasel L M L S a hundred and fifty eighty one hundred twenty 35 4(30) 12(30) 12(40) 1(50) VF/VF CR/SL FA/MD FA/VF five three three 1 75LCl40 20LPi100 40MPi100 50MBi100 90LBa60 — — — 110LBi √ — — — Rushes from brief diversity. — If now not in water, as above. Vicious. Whale (Sperm Whale) Wildcat (many kinds) Wolf Wolverine L* S M S seven-hundred 60 one hundred ten forty five 8(50) 3(60) 3(30) 3(50) MF/MF VF/VF FA/FA FA/VF eight three three 2 60SGr50 30MCl30 65MBi100 50LBi40 75HBa50 20SBi30 — 45MCl10 — Both40 — Both50 'E' Gr crit potential objective is swallowed. Loners, ambushers. Pack hunter, clever. tremendous vicious and bellicose.

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