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By Chuck Wendig, Travis Stout, Jess Hartley, John Snead

The King of Spring has been enspelled
And wanders within the green.
The Queen of Spring wear her Mask
And walks a course unseen.
The Knight of Spring is wearing gold
And guards the maiden’s dream.
The Knave of Spring, she stole the moon…
Or so all of it may seem.
— lovely Penny, freelance soothsayer

This e-book includes:
* improved details at the magic of the misplaced, from their mystical lore to new and robust Contracts
* larger aspect on dreamshaping, pledgecrafting, readability, the masks, and lots of different facets of changeling magic
* Many extra tokens, goblin culmination and different wonders to be chanced on in the Hedge

Rites of Spring is a complement for the realm of Darkness online game Changeling: The misplaced.

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Changelings won't take the Amnesia Flaw to symbolize their muddled stories in their time in Arcadia; that may be a basic nation for the misplaced. Nor may well they take Embarrassing mystery: “I am a changeling. ” although, different secrets and techniques — “I’m nonetheless in love with my former Keeper,” “I just like the flavor of children’s flesh,” or “I rat out the site of changelings I don’t prefer to the real Fae” — would definitely qualify. Storytellers are loose to plot new Flaws which are rather applicable to changelings, or to permit using all or any of these indexed less than. psychological Flaws Glamour Addict: in keeping with the dependancy Flaw on p. 218 of the area of Darkness Rulebook, however the changeling’s substance of selection is Glamour. Alternately, he may be hooked on the act of harvesting itself. Illiterate: Your personality was once both kidnapped ahead of studying to learn and write good, or misplaced her skill to take action someplace in the course of her time in Faerie. She are able to realize uncomplicated phrases and emblems (stop indicators and the trademarks for a few recognized manufacturers) or to signal her identify, yet whatever past that's tough and exhausting. actual Flaws happen Mien: Your character’s masks is imperfect in a few small means, leaving people who witness ninety eight bankruptcy 3: The Wyrd his Flaw uncomfortable. A Skitterskulk’s hair (including that on his face and physique) will be bristly and stand proud of his dermis as a fly’s does, or he may well continuously movement with a scuttling stroll. An Airtouched might sound constantly out of breath, or an Earthbone’s dermis regularly coated in a faint layer of airborne dirt and dust or smudges of airborne dirt and dust. Even for the Fairest, a show up Mien isn't any boon — a vivid One may be simply fallacious for a human on a few sensory improving drug that provides his epidermis a virtually palpable glow, or a Muse come upon as “too beautiful,” making these round her spin conjecture approximately which plastic health care professional she sees to accomplish such inhuman gains. be aware: certainly not should still the occur Mien Flaw be used to learn the nature. whereas a Hunterheart’s favourite fangs may be intimidating, with this Flaw he leaves those that see them pondering he’s a poser who records his enamel to appear “tough” instead of a daunting predator. As regularly, a personality earnings no additional event issues if a Flaw comes into play yet doesn't actually prevent him in a few bad means. Cannibal: Your personality has constructed a style for human flesh someplace alongside the road. whereas no longer relatively an dependancy, it's a robust choice and one your personality reveals difficult to withstand. it really is attainable that the taboo opposed to giving into this “treat” in basic terms makes it extra tantalizing for her. bulky: in contrast to the large Flaw, the additional mass your personality consists of round isn't solely worthy to his well-being. He weighs 3 to 4 instances what a typical human of his measurement does and needs to store for garments in forte shops. He has trouble sitting in chairs with fingers, becoming via slender doors or crossing susceptible bridges or flooring. He can by no means bring up his Stamina above three. This Flaw might be taken along with the enormous advantage, exacerbating the Giant’s problems to “fit in” in an international designed for average-sized people.

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