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By Chris Howard, Matthew McFarland


For hundreds of thousands of years, the Silent Striders were compelled to wander faraway from their place of birth. Exiled by means of the curse of an historic vampire, they've been uanble to come back to their territory of Egypt, in its place roaming the roads and byways of the remainder of the realm. Now because the international urns towards Apocalypse, issues might be poised to alter. The Silent Striders simply can be coming home.


For 4 thousand years, vampires and werewolves were at odds in Egypt. during this, the yr of the Scarab complement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. it's the werewolves' flip to pursue the mysteries of the Nile Valley. Rage throughout Egypt unearths the Garou's shadow struggle opposed to the vampires of Egypt, the horrors of Jackal Fever, the schemes of the Fera, the magical Twelve homes of the Underworld, and masses extra. Come and notice what lies underneath the sands....

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