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By Jason Bulmahn

Apparatus up your Pathfinder RPG personality widespread with this huge catalog of millions of magic goods, alchemical gear, guns, and adventuring equipment! Lavishly illustrated with thousands of full-color illustrations and arranged in a brand new, easy-to-reference layout that teams magic goods via "slot," final apparatus varieties all magical and mundane gear published within the hardcover Pathfinder Roleplaying online game line to-date with lots and a whole bunch new goods to create the main complete treasure source ever created for the Pathfinder RPG! ideal for avid gamers trying to package out their characters or online game Masters seeking to inventory a dungeon with acceptable treasure, final gear is a superb source for each Pathfinder RPG crusade!

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Rate 850 GP WEIGHT 55 lbs. This rare magic wood is as hard as general wooden yet very gentle. Any wood or ordinarily wood merchandise (such as a bow or spear) made from darkwood is thought of a masterwork item and weighs only half as much as a normal wooden item of that type. Items not normally made of wood or only partially of wood (such as a battleaxe or a mace) either can't be made from darkwood or do no longer achieve any unique benefit from being made of darkwood. The armor check penalty of a darkwood shield is lessened by 2 compared to an ordinary shield of its type. To determine the price of a darkwood item, use the original weight but add 10 gp per pound to the price of a masterwork version of that item. Darkwood has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 5. DRAGONHIDE 517447 fee 850 GP WEIGHT 55 lbs. Armorsmiths can paintings with the hides of dragons to produce armor or shields of masterwork caliber. One dragon produces enough hide to make a single suit of masterwork hide armor for a creature one size category smaller than the dragon. through opting for in simple terms selection scales and bits of hide, an armorsmith can produce one suit of masterwork banded mail for a creature sizes smaller, one go well with of masterwork half-plate for a creature three sizes smaller, or one masterwork breastplate or suit of full plate for a creature four sizes smaller. In each case, enough hide is available to produce a mild or heavy masterwork defend in addition to the armor, provided that the dragon is Large or larger. If the dragonhide comes from a dragon that had immunity to an energy type, the armor is also immune to that energy type, although this does not confer any protection to the wearer. If the armor or shield is later given the ability to protect the wearer against that energy type, the cost to add such protection is reduced by 25%. Because dragonhide armor isn’t made of metal, druids can wear it without penalty. Dragonhide armor charges two times as a lot as masterwork armor of that type, yet it takes no longer to make than ordinary armor of that type (double all Craft results). forty nine 2350604 517448 517448 final apparatus Dragonhide has 10 hit issues consistent with inch of thickness and hardness 10. The hide of a dragon is typically between 1/2 inch and 1 inch thick. EEL conceal This supple fabric bargains as a lot security as leather, but is more flexible and resistant to electricity. Leather, hide, or studded leather-based armor can be produced with eel conceal. The armor payment penalty of such armor is diminished by means of 1 (to a minimum of 0) and the maximum Dexterity bonus of the armor is increased by 1. Additionally, wearing eel hide grants the wearer electrical energy resistance 2. Armor crafted from eel hide is always considered masterwork, and the masterwork costs are included in the listed prices. Eel hide has the same hit points and hardness as leather.

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