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Now on hand in softcover (at a decrease price!), this ebook is totally revised for GURPS Fourth variation. It combines the spells from the 3rd variation GURPS Magic and GURPS Grimoire, plus dozens of all-new spells, for the final word tome of magic!

Within those pages, crackling with mystic energies, you'll find:

* The middle magic procedure for GURPS, increasing at the fabric awarded within the easy Set . . . ideas for studying magic, casting spells, mesmerizing magic goods, and more!
* whole alchemy ideas . . . growing magical elixirs, utilizing them, or even discovering new ones . . . with an in depth record of recognized elixirs and their powers.
* possible choices to the center magic method, together with entire ideas for improvised magic and rune magic. There also are guidance for the GM who desires to switch how magic works specifically worlds in a multi-world campaign.
* Plus specified fabric from the GURPS Magic goods sequence and Wizards.

This is a strong ebook, certainly. Use it correctly.

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The fireball does 1d burning strength fee to create: 750; a $400 ruby best friend woven of flames; it's going to defend harm in line with complete 2 issues of strength. has to be set within the weapon. opposed to assaults from the again and Time to solid: 1 to three seconds. facets, yet no longer from front, except it Prerequisite: Fireball. Flaming Missiles is wielded as a gentle cloak (see Cloak, merchandise p. B184). power fee to create: seven hundred for normal the cape, 1,000 for armor. employees or wand – the bolt is fired Like Flaming Weapon, yet solid on a from the tip of the object. strength price missile weapon. The weapon itself to create: 1,200; needs to contain a ruby hearth Cloud acquires a shimmering, fiery look- worthy $500. Usable simply by way of mages. ance. Any missile it fires bursts into region flame, doing +2 harm as in line with Creates a swirling cloud of flames crucial Flame Flaming Weapon; it burns to ashes and fiery embers. It doesn't block sector after it hits a objective or after 10 seconds, imaginative and prescient, yet inflicts burning harm to whichever comes first. all inside of it. Creatures within the cloud As for Create fireplace, other than that the take harm on their lonesome turns. If much less hearth created is the mystical essence of period: 1 minute. than a complete moment is spent within the fireplace. Any mage can inform the variation price: four to solid. 2 to take care of. fee affected sector, harm is halved (round via taking a look. It can't be extinguished doubles if the missiles to be fired are down). Armor protects usually. in basic terms by way of traditional water or usual magic, stone or steel. hugely flammable fabrics might trap yet basically through an analogous volume of Time to forged: three seconds. fireplace. crucial Water or by way of a Dispel Magic Prerequisite: Flaming Weapon. spell. crucial Flame does +1 dam- period: 10 seconds. age to an individual it burns (+2 to watery merchandise Base fee: 1 to five; the cloud inflicts 1 creatures). A missile weapon that fires flaming element of wear in line with moment for each missiles each time used, at no power power element placed into the bottom rate. period: 1 minute. fee to the person. strength expense to create: related expense to keep up. Base fee: three. 2 to take care of. This 1,000; a $500 ruby has to be set within the Time to solid: 1 to five seconds, flame ignites all flammable fabrics, weapon. counting on base price. and the total blaze is still crucial necessities: form Air and so long as the spell is maintained. If Fireball. the spell isn't maintained, any hearth SPELLS seventy five merchandise employees, wand, or jewellery. Usable basically by means of mages. rate to create: one hundred seventy five strength Small fireplace Elemental and a $500 ruby. this can be the elemental hearth elemental summoned by means of casting Summon hearth Elemental on the minimal strength price of four. extra power placed into the Breathe fireplace (VH) spell summons a extra robust elemental. frequently, this easily skill a bigger elemental; 1 aspect of power is the same as 1 extra aspect of ST, five general HP, or 2 issues of DR. in spite of the fact that, the GM may possibly decide to construct a extra exot-Similar to Flame Jet, other than that ic elemental, including strange features to the subsequent template, or operating the flame concerns from the caster’s one up from scratch.

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