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By William E. Wilson

South and east of the burning sands of a ways Harad lie the towns of Sîrayn. They command the thriving exchange routes of better Harad, a fertile riverine area tucked among the tough wasteland and the daunting spires of the Yellow Mountains. Dynasties come and pass during this great, cosmopolitan oasis. Amidst mercantile rivalries, a brand new terror confronts the Haradrim. Akhôrahil the Ringwraith - the bleak hurricane King - plots the conquest of better Harad.

Seek your fortune within the lands of higher Harad the place merchant-lords dominate the roads and sinister tyrant enthroned in Tûl Isra principles the as soon as self sufficient towns. darkish minions sway the population, and slavery flourishes. Whispered stories approximately Obed of the Másra trace that the hero's mythical guns lie unclaimed in a ruined catacomb.


- 22" x 17" FULL-COLOR MAP depicting the region.
- three FULL-COLOR urban MAPS displaying Tûl Isra, Tûl Harar, and Charnesra.
- distinct LAYOUTS of the traditional mines underneath Ghabaras, the haunted caverns of Moghóly Dask, and different experience sites.
- IN-DEPTH details at the peoples, cultures, politics, alternate routes, and warcraft dominating the river valleys of higher Harad.
- STATS AND historical past info for well known members resembling Tartas Izain, the Taraskon of Tûl Isra, and his evil Nazgûl grasp, Akhôrahil the typhoon King.

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Wi11 assault until eventually destroyed. basically tormented by concussion hits. 30 30 10 110we/80LBa 150we/80LBa precise seventy five 70we/spells Casts worry. Paralysis and sleep on contact. As above. Whirlwind assaults as sand blast, blinding and choking the defender Very cunnine and clever four [zhta 1 Juthjuth Kastaba Latava Lautan Lisica Mametta rsidii Cave computer virus Lesser Demon better Demon Ghost Ghoul Magurgoth Skeletons Spectres Wight 1 1 five 1 three 2 15 10 four thirteen 10 three 28 five five T L S 1-5 S 1-5 , M 1-2 H 1-2 H 1 M 1 L 1 M 1 M anY H 1 M 1-5 L 1-5 Hits AT MF/F BFfFA FA/FA VF/VF 1 10 one hundred sixty 15 M/M M/M FA/FA a hundred and twenty one hundred seventy 1 L L L seventy five sixteen 19 1 1 L SLNF one hundred fifty 18 larger Sand Devils 15 25 three 1 1 Wraith 20 Lesser vs velocity KEY observe: For a ful1 description of the entire creatures in this article see ICE’s Creatures of center Earth. CODES: The records given describe a standard creature of that style. many of the codes are self-explanatory: Lvl(level), #/Encount (number encountered), dimension (Tiny, Medium, huge or Huge), Hits, and DB (Defensive Bonus). The extra advanced facts are defined under: Crit: while a creature takes a serious consequence, get to the bottom of it at the serious Strike desk indicated by means of this stat: no code=normal tables, LalLarge Creature desk, SLsSupe~ huge desk (Large desk with a -10 mod for MERP), knormal desk with seventy lowered via one (e. g. “E’ turns into a “D”, “D” turns into a “C”, and so forth. ; forget about “ A results), II=normal desk with seventy lowered by way of (e. g. “E’ turns into a “C”, “D” turns into an “A”, forget about “A’ and “B” results). velocity: Acreature’s pace is given when it comes to “Movement Speed/Attack Quickness”: C=Creeping, VS=Very sluggish, S=Slow, M=Medium, MF=Moderately quick, F=Fast, VF=Very quickly, BF=Blindingly quick. AT (Armor Type): The two-letter code provides the creature’s MERP armor variety (No=No Armor, SL=Soft leather-based, RL=Rigid leather-based, Ch=Chain, Pl=Plate); the quantity is resembling the RM armor kind. assault: Eachattackcode stms withthe attacker’sOffensiveBonus. The firs letter shows thesizeof theatack: T=Tiny, S=Small, M=Medium,L=Large, andH=Huge. The final letters point out the kind of assault: Pi=Pincher/Beak, Ba=Bash, Bi=Bite, Cl=Claw, Cr=Crush, Gr=Grapple, Ho=Horn, TS=Trample/Stomp, St=Stinger, and we=Weapon. Weapon codes keep on with: cb=composite bow, wh=whip, th=two-handed sword, da=dagger, ro=rock (use a S , Mor L Cr assault, five zero variety if no different diversity is given). those codes could range just a little from the MERP or RM codes. (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary)=Eachcreature frequently initiates strive against utilizing its “Primary” assault. looking on the placement and the luck of the “Primary” assault, it will probably later use its “Secondary” or “Tertiary” assaults (all within the comparable around if past assaults are very profitable. ) 78 grasp Militarv desk 17. four grasp army desk Lvl Hits AT DB Elephant Cavalry prefer spear and composite bow Lord 20 one hundred fifty Ch/13 50 Commander 10 one hundred fifteen CN13 30 Wamor five 60 CN13 25 Camel Cavalry want the faranj and composite bow Commander 10 a hundred and fifteen CN13 30 Warrior four 50 CN13 25 Horse Cavalry want the faranj and composite bow 30 CW13 Commander 10 one hundred fifteen 25 Warrior four 50 CW13 30 urban Guards three forty five RL110 Infantry desire sword and spear 50 Lord 20 a hundred and fifty CN13 30 Elite Wamor 10 one hundred twenty five CN13 30 Warrior five 70 CN13 30 beginner 2 forty RL/lO Ayten want the faranj and composite bow Lord 30 one hundred fifty Ch/13 60 fifty five Captain 20 a hundred and fifty Ch/13 35 Elite Warrior 10 one hundred twenty 01/13 30 Warrior five sixty five RL/10 wilderness Orcs desire scimitars and brief bows 30 10 a hundred CN14 Warlord 30 Elite Wamor 6 70 CW13 25 Warrior three forty RL/lO 15 amateur 1 15 SLl5 Misslel M e l e Zndary OB OB circulate M Sh Gr N N N Y Y Y one hundred fifty one hundred fifteen seventy five one hundred sixty one hundred fifteen eighty 20 15 10 Warrior.

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