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Interviews and essays describe the way of living and crafts of pioneer the USA nonetheless surviving within the Appalachian sector.

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It used to be on executive land. anyone may well kill'em that desired to. and that i beloved t'kill'em and eat'em too! while I received one, i would surrender and are available in domestic the place I had a mule. i might get him and return and get my hog and produce it in. dermis my hog within the woods. would not scald it'r'nothin'. simply epidermis it, after which deliver it in and consume it! i have had loads of them too. "But one time they was once one on Rob Lovell Mountain. there is a number of various outdated condo areas over there the place humans used to stay, and they might all moved off and left all their previous hogs within the woods. So the woods was once lovely choked with wild hogs, and so they simply did not care who went and got'em. Th'government wanted'em moved out besides. they did not care in case you killed'em, and no-one else did not care, so I received my a part of 'em. i'll do this and that i did not have to shop for no meat. i'll have all of the meat i wished, and it was once sturdy meat, for again in them days the woods was once plumb choked with acorns and hickory nuts and mast, you recognize, that will fatten a hog. and that i suggest t'tell you you'll get a few stable eatin' out of'em. It used to be wild hog, yet i love wild meat in any case. "Anyhow, they might been a hog in that state i do know was once anyways twenty yr old—older'n that 'cause he was once a big'un. He'd sharpen his tushes— rub'em up on a pine sapling—way up there approximately 3 and a part foot excessive. He used to be a big'un. i do know he used to be a big'un anyways 'cause I killed him! "But I had 8 hounds then, and they would struggle whatever. suggest. good, Jeff Burton was once livin' there, and he'd arise there and informed me, stated, 'Simmie, we scared up that previous great hog awhile in the past. ' "I acknowledged, 'Y' did? ' "He stated, 'Yeah. I ain't jokin' you. ' Says, 'Did, and it really is as monstrous as a cow! ' "I stated, 'That sounds beautiful sturdy. ' I acknowledged, 'You'ns wish t'go with me and we will pass get him? ' "He acknowledged, 'Hell, yeah we do. ' "He had canine up there, and that i had perhaps a part a dozen. So we went on down there and he confirmed me the place he scared him up at. I took them canines and put'em to the mattress. Called'em, acknowledged, 'Hyear! Hyear! Sooey! ' Showed'em how it went they usually left. "I acknowledged, 'Jeff, we acquired t'get to the pinnacle of that mountain for you to pay attention my canine. ' and i am a'tellin' you straight away, they run that hog hours and SIMMIE unfastened forty five fifteen mins. higher than any fox race ever was once during this global. Wasn't no breakdown in it. You by no means heard one of these like. So I had my gun and Jeff had his'n. 'Course we did not run jointly. We used to be simply tryin' to maintain in listening to of the canine. If he'd a'bayed, that hog would'a killed ary puppy I had earlier than we knowed it. "But these canines used to be a'runnin' him, and that i used to be a'runnin' t'foller. i used to be gettin' to the place i assumed he was once gonna' go the creek. I knowed the place a ford was once, and that i was once a'makin' for it. I obtained correct up in there and that i heard my canines are available in over best of a mountain—all six'r'eight of them in a number, you know—and the following that hog used to be a'comin' here. It regarded as immense as a cow to me! yet I had my previous gun and that i simply pulled the hammer again simply because it hit the sting of the water and that i shot it, and he stood correct up on his hind ft, and that i recognize he used to be seven and a part foot excessive a'standin' in that creek.

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