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By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel

Mod observe: This edition's art is in black-and-white, instead of the colorized variation came across right here:

Both versions are retail caliber, and they're allowed to co-exist (not dupes).

Combining high-action dungeon crawling with state-of-the-art ideas, Dungeon international is a roleplaying online game of myth event. You and your folks will discover a land of magic and hazard within the roles of adventurers looking for popularity, gold, and glory.

Dungeon World’s ideas are effortless to benefit and regularly force the motion ahead in unforeseen methods. A neglected roll isn't a useless end—failure introduces new complexities and problems. existence as an adventurer is difficult and hazardous yet it’s by no means boring!

Designed to be prepared that you should hack, remix, and construct new content material, Dungeon global comprises platforms for altering every thing to fit your crew together with developing new races, sessions, and monsters.

To play, you’ll want this rulebook, 3–5 avid gamers, a few polyhedral cube, and 2–4 hours.

Explore delusion event roleplaying in an entire new approach with Dungeon global!

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Indiana Jones, “Raiders of the misplaced Ark” God Amidst the Wastes devote your self to a deity (name a brand new one or decide on one that’s already been established). You achieve the commune and forged a spell cleric strikes. if you opt for this flow, deal with your self as a cleric of point 1 for utilizing spells. each time you achieve a degree thereafter, bring up your powerful cleric point by way of 1. persist with Me while you're an elf traveling via desolate tract you instantly be triumphant at either roles, as consistent with your racial movement. if you happen to adopt a deadly trip you could take roles. you are making a separate roll for every. a secure position for those who set the look forward to the evening, each person takes +1 to take watch. for those who achieve a degree from 6-10, make a choice from those strikes or the extent 2-5 strikes. Wild Speech Replaces: Wild Empathy you could communicate with and comprehend any non-magical, non-planar creature. Hunter’s Prey Replaces: standard Prey in case you spout lore a couple of monster you utilize WIS rather than INT. On a 12+, as well as the traditional results, you get to invite the GM anyone query concerning the topic. Viper’s Fangs Replaces: Viper’s Strike in case you strike an enemy with guns immediately, upload an additional 1d8 harm in your off-hand strike. 134 Smaug’s stomach for those who recognize your target’s weakest element your arrows have 2 piercing. Strider Replaces: stick to Me if you adopt a deadly trip you could take roles. Roll two times and use the higher outcome for either roles. A more secure position Replaces: a secure position in the event you set the look forward to the evening all people takes +1 to take watch. After an evening in camp for those who set the watch everybody takes +1 ahead. Observant should you hunt and music, on successful you may as well ask one query in regards to the creature you're monitoring from the determine realities checklist at no cost. distinctive Trick opt for a stream from one other type. as long as you're operating together with your animal better half you will have entry to that flow. Unnatural best friend Your animal spouse is a monster, now not an animal. Describe it. supply it +2 ferocity and +1 intuition, plus a brand new education. a hundred thirty five 136 bankruptcy eleven You’ve heard them, sitting round the campfire. Bragging approximately this conflict or that. approximately how their gods are smiling in your merry band. You count number your cash and smile to yourself—this is the fun chiefly. You by myself understand the key of Dungeon World—filthy filthy lucre. yes, they provide you lip for the entire instances you’ve snuck off on my own yet with no you, who between them wouldn’t were dissected via a flying guillotine or poisoned immediately to loss of life via a few old needle catch? So, allow them to bitch. while you’re performed with all this delving you’ll toast their hero’s graves. out of your fort. jam-packed with gold. You rogue. Names Halfling: Felix, Rook, Mouse, caricature, Trixie, Robin, Omar, Brynn, malicious program Human: Sparrow, Shank, Jack, Marlow, evade, Rat, Pox, Humble, Farley glance opt for one for every: Shifty Eyes or felony Eyes Hooded Head, Messy Hair, or Cropped Hair darkish outfits, Fancy outfits, or universal outfits Lithe physique, Knobby physique, or Flabby physique Stats Your greatest HP is 6+Constitution.

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