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By Benjamin Baugh

His is a story of sorrow and woe, ready just for you to inform it.

The Dreadful secrets and techniques of Candlewick Manor sees doleful foundlings with murky pasts in a superb, dreary orphanage packed with risky truths. avid gamers jointly face the sizeable risks in their new domestic and discover their very own forgotten secrets.

Can you research the reality of your personal unhappy heritage? and will you are making acquaintances with the monster on the backside of the good? How concerning the one within the rickety previous mill? Or the single within the cave via the ocean? Or the only. . . .

The Dreadful secrets and techniques of Candlewick Manor is a sourcebook for the roleplaying online game Monsters and different infantile issues, written through Benjamin Baugh and illustrated via Rob Mansperger. It positive aspects ghouish humor, grin-worthy chills, and cutting edge directions for growing storylines and characters all loaded with secret.

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