Download E-books Delta Green: Countdown: A Call of Cthulhu Sourcebook of Modern Horror and Conspiracy PDF

By John Tynes, Adam Scott Glancy, Dennis Detwiller

No destiny. Get used to the flavor of ashes.

The Countdown to the apocalypse has started. As our darkened globe spins in the course of the everlasting evening, the lasting legacy of the human race is not anything yet a scream - drowned out via the roar of the future devouring us all. this is often your final likelihood to teach the cosmos what it skill to be human: the desire to fight.

Delta eco-friendly: Countdown blows the doorways off the realm of Delta eco-friendly, achieving wider and digging deeper to map the terrain of the twisted pulp apocalypse we name the dawning of the twenty first century. Brace your self for the ultimate international order: The bugs of Shaggai, alien parasites subverting the management of a country; Pisces, the U.K.'s try and harness the unknown; the military of the 3rd Eye, terrorists scuffling with a bloody conflict opposed to alien invaders; GRU SV-8, a band of determined operatives battling darkness within the ruins of Russia; The Skoptsi, occult lovers with an eight-hundred-year legacy; The Outlook team, the place Majestic-12 exams its elite; Phenomen-X, a syndicated television information convey that pokes its digicam in all of the flawed locations; Tiger Transit, a former CIA airline now within the clutches of a Tcho-Tcho drug cartel; The D Stacks a the yankee Museum of ordinary heritage, the place Dr. Jensen Wu classifies the unclassifiable; The Keepers of the religion, traditionalist ghouls scuffling with the tilt and hungry Heretic ghouls underneath the streets of ny; and the Hastur Mythos, a twisted skein of surreal destruction weaving its approach via humanity.


  • new talents and spells
  • new Mythos tomes
  • rules for psychics
  • a microbiologist's dossiers on paranormal lifeforms
  • profiles of foreign intelligence and law-enforcement agencies
  • dozens of invaluable NPCs
  • two situations and a brief campaign
  • Of 57,237 entries within the authoritative online game Index, Delta eco-friendly: Countdown ranks #1, because it has for 5 years.

    Winner of the 1999 Origins Award for most sensible Roleplaying complement.

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    The Shans have infested numerous of the head directors of the ESA, the British area software, and the leading Minister's consultant on clinical Affairs. in addition they keep watch over the employees of a number one British aerospace enterprise, Severn Aerospace. via Severn Aerospace, the Shans have used their complicated wisdom to enhance the British house application and bring up the u. okay. 's impression within the ESA. with a view to have enough numbers of Shans to occupy sufficient hosts for his or her wishes, the Shans were utilizing a variation in their reproductive method, with a number of twists related to neighborhood teclmology. people, of both gender, are used as hosts for Shan egg sacs. Upon hatching and conswning their hosts, the embryos are put in tanks of fluid designed to imitate the chemical composition of Shaggai's seas. ADAM SCOTT GLANCY The Shan larva mature in those tanks unmolested by means of the predators and unpredictable stipulations of the wild. moreover, the maturation strategy has been hugely speeded up by utilizing hybridized Shan/ human know-how. rather than taking many years for the embrYQs to arrive their mature degree, the method of metamorphosis now in simple terms takes fourteen or fifteen years. as soon as mature, they're withdrawn and brought to Shan society. The incubating hosts and the expansion tanks are all stored at a distinct underground facility at Severn Aerospace. The twenty-six surviving Shans who arrived as refugees from Shaggai see themselves as enhanced to these born on Earm. They carry all of the loftiest positions of aumority in me colony. those bugs hoard all of the spells and teclmology for themselves, hence assuring their position on the best of the hierarchy. The "inferior" type is produced from the Shans born in the world because the bugs' arrival. The yowlger Shans are relegated to doing the grunt paintings of the colony, which basically includes occupying human hosts which are very important and precious to the elders' plans. consequently, the yowlger Shans have even more touch with hwnan civilization and feature grown hooked on the sensual and narcotic pleasures mey obtain from their hosts, pleasmes that the elder Shans as soon as shared sooner than their time of problems begun a mousand years in the past. ambitions The legitimate objectives of the colony are dictated through the elders. The elders initially desired to overcome the Earth and construct gates permitting Azathoth to emerge absolutely into om sun method, however the catastrophe of r652 replaced their minds. There Sllnply were not sufficient Shans on hand and the envUĀ·orunent used to be too adversarial to extend the colony's dimension whereas at the same time protecting themselves hidden from the people. TIleir subsequent plan was once to flee the Earth by means of lawlChiJ. lg the total templeship lllto area past the Earth's electro- magnetic envelope. This plan has been put aside for the instant, when you consider that human technology hasn't produced a release car able to lifting the big templeship into orbit. whether this kind of release booster might be equipped with Shan technological tips (and the elders have heard of a Russian-made Energia II they could have the capacity to increase to do the job), the big templeship payload may by no means be stored a mystery from the people.

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