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By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel, Trenton Kennedy, Josh Krutt, Johnstone Metzger, Alex Norris, Deanna Nygren, Jacob Randolph, Jonathan

Classification conflict is a principles complement for the Dungeon global role-playing video game that offers an alternative and multiplied procedure of personality production. it may well even be used to create new personality sessions, similar to these supplied within the unique rulebook. How category conflict does this can be via breaking down the Dungeon international personality classification into smaller pieces—like specialties and archetypes—and displaying you ways they healthy jointly.

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Forty seven 48 Adventurers should you achieve a degree from 6-10, you'll choose between those strikes in addition to the extent 2-5 strikes: Cavedancer if you happen to use the traditional formations of a cave for your virtue, take +1 to shield and defy probability. Cavespeaker calls for: Tremors if you happen to ask a cave approximately a person or anything else inside of it, roll+INT. On a 10+, the cave tells the place it really is, what it’s doing, and solutions anyone query you ask approximately it. On a 7-9, the cave tells you both the place it really is or what it’s doing. unusual drugs calls for: malicious program Eater when you've got time to collect provides in a common cave, you could arrange a poultice that may heal one debility subsequent time you are making camp. Caver Alignments you'll pick out this sort of rather than an adventurer alignment: Evil Use whatever you chanced on underground to hurt one other. strong eliminate a risk to others that emanates from underground. impartial get well whatever from underground that's invaluable although it isn't really worthwhile. Adventurers Caver Bonds   __________ stocks my thirst for experience. I fear approximately __________’s skill to outlive underground. Caver equipment You get adventuring apparatus (5 makes use of, 1 weight), dungeon rations (5 makes use of, 1 weight), and select one weapon: ○ awl (close, 2 weight). ○ Dagger (hand, 1 weight). ○ Sword (close, 2 weight). Caver Races you'll pick out this kind of rather than an adventurer race alternative: Elf decide upon one weapon—you can continually deal with guns of that variety as though they'd the appropriate tag. Halfling you know the way to exploit your small dimension underground, the place you get +1 armour if you’re in any respect capable of shield your self. forty nine 50 Adventurers Engineer Wizards and warlords imagine their powers are the mightiest of all, yet how may their triumphs ever be as precious because the machines you construct? Compendium category upon getting effectively equipped a computer, you'll examine the engineer uniqueness an on hand compendium category. the following time you point up, you could upload this forte for your personality rather than opting for a circulation out of your type. Stats should you opt for the engineer distinctiveness, you get +1 load. beginning strikes you begin with this circulate: mom of Invention if you construct a desktop, the GM will identify one requirement for every functionality the desktop will practice:  it's going to take many years.  you would like support or an individual else’s services.  you wish fabrics above and past what you might have now.  you want to construct whatever else first.  you want to take anything else aside to construct it. when you meet the necessities, roll+INT. On successful, it really works such as you wish it to, so far as the fabrics it's produced from can deal with, yet on a 7-9, there's additionally a flaw on your layout. The GM will inform you what. On a omit, it doesn’t paintings how you wish it to. Adventurers complex strikes if you achieve a degree from 2-5, you could make a choice from those strikes: Land Surveyor in the event you seek or survey a situation, roll+INT. On a 10+, you could ask the GM 3 questions from the record less than. On a 7-9, ask . On a omit, ask one besides, yet you'll in contrast to the reply a lot.

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