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"This publication has succeeded in masking the fundamental chemistry necessities required via the pharmaceutical technology pupil… the undergraduate reader, be they chemist, biologist or pharmacist will locate this an enticing and invaluable read." –Journal of Chemical Biology, may well 2009

Chemistry for Pharmacy Students is a student-friendly creation to the foremost parts of chemistry required by means of all pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology scholars. The publication presents a complete evaluation of a number of the components of common, organic items chemistry (in relation to drug molecules).

Clearly dependent to reinforce pupil figuring out, the e-book is split into six transparent sections. The ebook opens with an summary of normal elements of chemistry and their significance to trendy lifestyles, with specific emphasis on medicinal functions. The textual content then strikes directly to a dialogue of the strategies of atomic constitution and bonding and the basics of stereochemistry and their importance to pharmacy- relating to drug motion and toxicity. a variety of facets of aliphatic, fragrant and heterocyclic chemistry and their pharmaceutical significance are then coated with ultimate chapters taking a look at natural reactions and their functions to drug discovery and improvement and typical items chemistry.

  • accessible creation to the foremost parts of chemistry required for all pharmacy measure courses
  • student-friendly and written at a degree appropriate for non-chemistry students
  • includes studying pursuits firstly of every chapter
  • focuses at the actual houses and activities of drug molecules

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