Download E-books Adventures on Dungeon Planet: A Science Fantasy Supplement for Dungeon World PDF

By Johnstone Metzger

Adventures on Dungeon Planet is a technological know-how myth complement for the award-winning role-playing online game Dungeon World.

This e-book contains:

  • Four new personality sessions: the Earthling, the Engine of Destruction, the Mutant, and the Technician. *Three new computing device races: extraterrestrial beings, androids, and white apes.
  • Four new compendium sessions: the Alien, the Scientist, the Sniper, and the Visitor.
  • Futuristic devices, distinctive gear, and robots.
  • New ideas for spaceships.
  • New technology delusion risks and instance fronts that use them.
  • Procedures for growing alien planets and cultures.
  • More than 30 new technology fable monsters.
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