Underwater - DJ Red - EDLX.047

Goa Club favourite Simona Calvani AKA DJ Red returns to Electric Deluxe with Underwater, the follow-up to her sensual and sumptuous debut Duality from 2014. After Arad’s deftly innovative Particles and Waves LP and Justin Broadrick’s exceptionally antagonistic catalogue entry as JK Flesh, Underwater makes for a sleek and functional edition to the newly formed EDLX LMTD run of releases.

Original tracks “Underwater” and “Sweet Silence” are complimented by a set of more experimental remixes from Ukrainian dissenter Stanislav Tolkachev and Speedy J and Lucy as Zeitgeber. Both production outfits have been known to subvert the norm and their two rewrites here are no exception. For his version of “Sweet Silence” Stanislav Tolkachev lulls with drones for the first half before dramatically switching tact, whilst Zeitgeber hit a strung-out and jazzy groove on their slightly haunted rendition of “Underwater”.

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€ 4.00

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