Operation A - Audio Injection - EDLX.008

Get ready for some heavy bass infusion. Those who witnessed the infamous Audio Injection vs. Drumcell collaborative 6 hour set at Berghain in May could sense the raw and direct path of the uncompromising heavy bass-lines they walk on. Yet they possess a subtle sensitivity making this audio experience a physical and mental journey at the same time.

With his first EP on Electric Deluxe, Audio Injection captured this dark and raw spirit in a perfect way. His tracks move effortlessly from percussive high hat funk to heavy bass-line assault, call it Techno coolness. All tracks are dancefloor focused, but contain a healthy dose of weirdness, giving the them longevity while still being functional, spot-on material for the floors – typical for Electric Deluxe releases.

The Vinyl version of ‘Operation A’ is being accompanied by none other than Speedy J himself. The Remix has his signature flow; shifting, rich soundscapes layered over a forward bassline sketch. Music for minds in dark places.

The Digital EP includes a Drumcell Remix – the Los Angeles Warehouse heavyweight gives the track an uplifting percussive vibe, while keeping the darkness and heavy bass of the original intact.

As with any Electric Deluxe release, Operation A includes tools for the digital performers, this time by Audio Injection and Speedy J.

Audio Injection is also working on solo projects for Droid, as well as on collaborations with Drumcell, and Raiz (formerly Acid Circus). His next release on Drumcell’s Droid will be coming out in August. Previous remixes by him and Drumcell where picked by Chris Liebing for CLR.

With Audio Injection and Drumcell joining the Electric Deluxe release schedule, the label is getting closer to presenting the whole picture of it’s extended international family of artists, all of whom are in close communication with Speedy J day in day out.

Connected by the common passion for new technology and dance music beyond traditional borders, they create unforgettable experiences, be it at the infamous Electric Deluxe presents event series, the Electric Deluxe Podcast, or with releases on the label part of this community.

€ 4.00

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