Trails - Speedy J - EDLX.007

The legend returns with an incredible body of work. Similar to ‘Red Shift / Bootes’ (EDLX.001) he’s walking the line between cutting edge electronica and modern Techno. Staying true to the Electric Deluxe philosophy of leaving room for interpretation and live remixing, the EP can be viewed as a finished body of work as much as a toolkit for digital DJs.

Speedy J himself doesn’t need introduction – we rather need a catch up on the multitude of projects he’s involved in. Apart from busy tour schedule, headlining the biggest clubs and festivals worldwide, Speedy J’s put a serious foundation to his new platform. Since the launch of his label Electric Deluxe in 2008, releases by Tommy Four Seven, Terence Fixmer, George Issakidis and of course Speedy J himself made waves worldwide. Also Speedy J’s events Electric Deluxe presents… advanced to the most anticipated Techno events series in the Netherlands and is currently expanding to festivals and other territories. On top, he is constantly pushing digital music boundaries, with projects like Umfeld, Open Collabs, Kreate, and his 9 hour performances on two laptops.

Edit Select aka Tony Scott doesn’t need much of an introduction either, putting 20 years of music and DJ experience into his work. 2007 Tony Scott started his alter ego-project Edit Select. Since then his releases on his own self titled imprint have been celebrated by the biggest names to quote in this genre and successively picked up by the most influential labels in Techno today.

The vinyl A side “Trails” (original) is the dignified successor to “Red Shift”, though a yet more advanced display of Speedy J’s creativity, flow and production wizardry. Ethereal sounds create space, while surgically compressed bass is sucking us into the groove. A creamy sound, dusty yet smooth and fine grained, with intimate and compact mixing. In the end you find yourself nodding the head to the tune long after it ran out..

On the B side “Trails” (Edit Select remix) is the floor interpretation, holding high the torch of modern loopy Techno at minus 8. All rave signals pushing, this one is holding the listener on a plateau that seems to rise constantly. No security fence keeping you from falling down the rabbit hole that lurks on the edge. Bass is constantly rolling and pumping from below, snare rolls release adrenalin pushing in and out topped by white noise. The syncopated off-beat groove creates the flowing drive you never want to end.

Not limited by the medium, digitally ‘Trails EP’ goes beyond with four bonus tracks & tools.

“Edit Select Hooked Remix” is the more atmospheric, subtle and humble brother of Edit Select’s remix on the wax, not differing in intensity but in use of rave signals. Being deeper, and bigger on the low end, it’s closer to the original, also featuring some of the original melodic ambiance.

“Speedy J Bonus Beats Dub Tool” – What seems like the bare bones of the original at first reveals to be an epic jam, seamlessly making the connection between usability and artistry. All sorts of industrial / Techno sounds are present, you could play them as a minimal track, as laid back Chicago House or you could just loop the parts and sounds and play over multiple decks… A sonic experience that leaves you feeling warped and light headed.

“Edit Select Tools 1 & 2″ are the tools for digital DJs. “Tool 1″ focuses on the mid range elements of the rhythmic parts and ambient sounds, while “Tool 2″ provides you with all the high frequency parts of the mix you need.

€ 4.00

all digital formats: MP3 (320 kbs) / AAC / FLAC
Apple Losless / Source audio (WAV/AIF)